At Ethnikate, we specialize in coaching and consulting services that help our clients define and create a comprehensive organizational strategy that aligns with their mission and desired outcomes.

We partner with founders and executives to help them develop and improve their public speaking skills, refine their pitch, and enhance their executive presence. In addition, we focus on developing emotional intelligence, fostering innovation, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement within organizations.

Our goal is to help our clients become more effective and efficient leaders and to provide them with the tools they need to create high-performing teams and organizations. By partnering with Ethnikate, our clients can achieve their goals and take their organizations to the next level of success.

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EthniKate humanizes organizational culture.



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I am a coach, mentor, and advocate, feel free to read the whole story.

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We work with organizations of all sizes to help you find your WHY in creating a culture where everyone thrives.

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I believe everyone can be better with a coach. I help you lead from within to create a culture that maximizes human potential





I am Kate, a blogger, and coach based in Maryland, blogging about culture, wellness, and simplicity.

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